Water Treatment



The 1500 ROWPU was developed by HEI for the USAF. It is the only mobile water purification device on the market that meets the tough demands of the USAF. The unit is in full compliance with the USAF Purchase Description, and is fully tested, fielded and trained within the USAF.

All operation and maintenance is covered in USAF Technical Order TO 40W4-20-1. All water produced is in full accordance with DOD Standards and Regulations. Unit as supplied comes with all components necessary for 100 hours of operation. Supplied unit does not include water storage bladders or bags and the power source. Full specifications available upon request.

  • USAF, FEMA and NATO Standard
  • 1,500 to 1,800 Gallons Per Hour of Water
  • Fully NBC Capable
  • Single Pallet Position
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Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Unit

Platoon Water Purification System(PWPS)

The PWPS is a small lightweight water purifier capable of supporting multiple mission types. The PWPS is a vehicle transported system designed to provide potable water at a production rate of over 15 gal/hr from virtually any water source. Water produced meets all standards for field use. The unit operates from multiple pwer sources including vehicle, 120 VAC man portable generators and batteries. All components of the system are stored within rugged carry and transport cases. Full specifications available upon request.

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Power Distribution Solutions

  • 400 A Power Distribution Panels
  • 60 Amp Power Distribution Panels
  • 30kW and 60kW Advanced Medium Mobile Power Source (AMMPS) Microgrid
  • Many Other Custom Solutions
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Water Storage and Distribution Solutions

  • Supplier of BEAR Water System Components
  • Source Run Pump (400 GPM)
  • Dual Pumping Station (350 GPM)
  • 25,000 Gallon Quick Erect Tank
  • Waste Aeration and Mixing System
  • All BEAR Subsystems Including:
    • Source Run
    • 150 Man Water Production
    • 550 Initial Set
    • 550 Follow-on Set
    • Many Others
  • USMC Tactical Water and Fuel System Components
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