Multi-Media Refill Kit

P/N 20370

 Highland Engineering is pleased to offer a complete kit to re-bed the multi-media filter on the 600 ROWPU.  This kit will replace the media in any manufacturer’s filter.  This is the material used on the new 600 ROWPU’s manufactured by Highland Engineering, and has been fully tested and approved.  The kit is shipped complete to your unit with all necessary directions.  The kit consists of the following items:

*All Layers Listed From BOTTOM of Tank*

Layer 1       50# Drain Support Gravel               690-SG

Layer 2       245# Coarse Gravel                       690-0001

Layer 3       175# Coarse Garnet                       690-0002

Layer 4       180# Fine Garnet                            690-0003

Layer 5       230# Filter Sand                              690-0004

Layer 6       250# Anthracite                               690-0005

Layer 7       30# Carbon                                      690-0006

Kits are in stock for fast shipment.