Highland Engineering is pleased to offer a complete kit to re-bed the multi-media filter on the 3000 ROWPU.  This kit will replace the media in any manufacturer’s filter.   The kit is shipped complete to your unit with all necessary directions.  The kit consists of the following items:

Layer 1       100# Coarse Gravel    5610-01-429-4402      13229E0307

Layer 2       200# Gravel                  5610-01-429-4403      13229E0088

Layer 3       500# Garnet Sand        5610-01-407-3130      13229E0300

Layer 4       650# Fine Garnet         5610-01-429-2434      13229E0301

Layer 5       400# Filter AG              5610-01-428-9667      13229E0180

Kits are in stock for fast shipment.